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Shouses Combine Home Comfort and Workplace Function

Fox Structures Shouse Rendering

There’s something interesting happening in the building industry. Whether it’s an increased need for storage, more at-home businesses, or simply more customization options … people are dreaming up unconventional and resourceful ways to build homes. You may have heard of tiny houses or barndominiums, but what about the “shouse”? Fox Structures Sales Representative Pat Hofacker explains, “shouses are combinations of a house and shed or house and workshop.” It’s a trend picking up speed he said, “especially for those who see their work life and their home life as one in the same.” 

What makes a shouse? While it’s framed similarly to a house, there are some creative details inspired by sheds. It’s usually built on a concrete slab without a basement making it easier and cheaper to construct. Plus, a shouse exterior is usually constructed with steel instead of a traditional residential vinyl siding. This provides extra durability, which is essential for the multi-use purpose of the building. 

The layout, function and customizations also define a shouse. Typically, it’s connected to a garage, barn or workshop so the owners can seamlessly move from home life to work life without leaving the interior—a perk that’s exceptionally important in cold climates like Wisconsin. “Fox Structures is working on a shouse design now that appears to be a normal house from the outside, but inside, it accommodates their farm work,” Hofacker shared. “We’re designing another that includes a living space on one side and horse stalls on the other with a car port in between.” Because shouses appeal to people who live where they work, it’s a great housing solution for farmers, mechanics, horse trainers and builders. 

Specializing in commercial and agricultural construction since 1982, Fox Structures understands the needs of today’s farmers and skilled workers. Plus, with full-service construction and on-site welding offerings, Fox Structures can design and build your shouse from start to finish. “Our designers are extremely talented with a gift for interpreting what customers envision and can then deliver that on paper and ultimately, in their finished build,” Hofacker said. 

If you need custom plans for your shouse, reach out to Fox Structures for a consultation today!