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Drone view of Mr. Q's Shops and Storage and their five storage buildings

Commercial Storage

Design and build your custom commercial office building with strategic, space-saving design layouts and top-quality materials built to last.
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Custom Storage Solutions for Your Business

Need a safe place to store your materials, equipment and/or products? Whether you need an advanced, climate-controlled storage solution or simply need more commercial storage space, Fox Structures is here to help! Our expert commercial construction team will work with you to understand your exact needs and provide a smooth experience from start to finish.

We can help construct a brand-new storage facility for your business, or remodel and transform an existing structure to maximize storage space for years to come.

  • Corporate office storage
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Merchandise storage facilities
  • And more!

With top-quality building materials, innovative construction techniques and a wide range of customization options, it’s no surprise that countless businesses throughout Wisconsin have chosen Fox Structures as their expert storage construction partner.

Climate Controlled Storage

If you have valuable or perishable merchandise and products, it’s important that you keep them stored in a climate-controlled environment. This is especially true for Wisconsin-based storage facilities that must withstand harsh weather conditions.

The commercial construction team here at Fox Structures can help you complete your climate-controlled storage project and ensure your products and materials are safe, no matter the outside environment.

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Frequently Asked Commercial Storage Questions

How much does it cost to construct a commercial storage building?

The cost of constructing commercial storage varies greatly depending on your specific project specifications, timeline and more. Here at Fox Structures, we offer premier commercial storage construction services that take your unique business and needs into account, as well as the use of high-quality materials that last, even in harsh Wisconsin weather conditions.

To get an accurate estimate of your commercial storage building costs, contact us today or give us a call at 920-766-9305.

Can Fox Structures complete the concrete work for my commercial storage space?
Yes! Fox Structures provides full-service commercial storage construction, including concrete work. Thanks to our merger with R&R Concrete, our team can now complete large-scale commercial concrete projects faster and more precisely than ever.
What can commercial storage be used for?

Commercial storage can serve various purposes for a range of businesses throughout Wisconsin. Your business may have a large amount of merchandise that needs to be kept out of harsh conditions and kept secure, in which case a storage warehouse could be a perfect solution. Commercial storage can also be a great investment for corporate offices to store large amounts of materials and supplies.

No matter what kind of business you own, commercial storage is a great way to separate your merchandise and operating materials while ensuring they are kept safe and secure.

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