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Exterior of the American Family Insurance office in Chilton, WI

Office Buildings

Design and build your custom commercial office building with strategic, space-saving design layouts and top-quality materials built to last.
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Build Your Custom Office Space

Say goodbye to generic commercial office space and build your custom office building with the experts at Fox Structures! With our expert designers and commercial construction team, there really is no limit to the custom office space we can create for your business.

  • Class A offices
  • Class B offices
  • Flex offices
  • Enterprise offices
  • Corporate offices
  • Multi-space offices
  • Open plan offices
  • Coworking offices
  • Small business offices

Whether you need to create your very first office building or expand your current operation, our expert commercial team is here to help through every stage of the design and construction process. We’ll make every stage as simple and efficient as possible with unlimited customization options along the way.

With top-quality building materials, innovative construction techniques and a wide range of customization options, it’s no surprise that countless businesses throughout Wisconsin have chosen Fox Structures as their expert office building partner.

Office Building Remodels and Add-Ons

Already have an office building that needs an upgrade? Fox Structures can help remodel, restructure or add on to your existing office space. Our team has extensive experience reviving existing structures for corporations and small business owners throughout Northeast Wisconsin, and we’ll help turn your current building into the custom office space you need.

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Frequently Asked Office Building Questions

How do you build an office building?
There are many steps that go into a successful office building construction project. The commercial team here at Fox Structures can help you through every stage of your office building, from design to construction. We will help assess your needs and build a custom office space that takes your business, budget and any other specifications into account to create the perfect commercial space for your needs.
How much does it cost to construct a custom office building?

The cost of constructing an office building varies greatly depending on your specific project specifications, timeline and more. Here at Fox Structures, we offer premier office building services that take your unique business and needs into account, as well as the use of high-quality materials that last, even in harsh Wisconsin weather conditions.

To get an accurate estimate of your office construction costs, contact us today or give us a call at 920-766-9305.

What is included in an office building?

Every office building is different and can be built to your unique needs and specifications. However, there are a few common aspects that are usually included in an office building, including meeting spaces, open workspaces for cubicles or desks, executive offices, storage rooms, cafeterias or lunch rooms and more.

The commercial team here at Fox Structures can help you determine exactly what kind of rooms and spaces will suit your office building needs.

What is a good size office building?

The size of your office building will depend on your unique business and needs. For example, you may want a larger building if you need to include both an office space and a warehouse within your structure. You may also want to consider creating a flexible office space that provides more room than the typical cubicle workstations found in many corporate offices.

No matter how large of a footprint you want your office building to be, our team can help design an interior layout that suits your needs.

Can Fox Structures complete the concrete work for my office building?
Yes! Fox Structures provides full-service office building construction, including concrete work. Thanks to our merger with R&R Concrete, our team can now complete large-scale commercial concrete projects faster and more precisely than ever.

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