Farming is a tough industry to be in right now, even in America’s Dairyland. In fact, there’s an unprecedented amount of farms going out of business in Wisconsin every day. Paired with the current labor shortage, many Wisconsin farmers are struggling to maintain their farm operations quickly enough to meet the growing demand. To succeed, farmers must implement the latest technology to automate their operations, and Fox Structures is here to help.

Learn how you can improve your agricultural buildings and automate your farm operations with Fox Structures’ innovative construction services.

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Fox Structures agricultural buildings

Need to add a structure to your farm? Or maybe you simply need to restructure or build an addition for an existing farm building. The ag construction experts at Fox Structures are here to help design and build the perfect structure for your farm.

Fox Structures is capable of constructing various agricultural buildings for your farm, including:

Not sure what kind of agricultural building is best for your farm? Our team of agricultural construction experts is here to help! Contact us today to discuss your needs with our team and learn which structure would fit best within your operation.

Farming technology meets innovative construction

At Fox Structures, we know that a quality agricultural building is more than a structure—it’s the foundation for your entire farming operation. To automate your farm and cut out time-sucking busy work, you’ll need agricultural buildings that work for you. That’s why our ag construction experts stay up-to-date on the latest building techniques and farming technology.

Environ-Tech automation

This advanced farming technology allows you to fully automate the climate control of your agricultural buildings. With various sensors, this technology can monitor outside temperature, wind and rain. Using data from the sensors, Environ-Tech can then automatically adjust various components inside your ag buildings, including:

  • Fans
  • Sprinklers
  • Lighting
  • Curtains
  • And more!

All of these components are essential to automate if you want to save time and resources. If we had to pick one component to automate, though, we highly recommend automating your curtain systems.

Automatic agricultural curtain systems

Using the Environ-Tech farming technology, Fox Structures can help you automate your ag curtains. This technology can be integrated into both new ag buildings and existing farm structures.

How do these curtain systems help to automate your farm operations?

  • Raises curtains in hot weather to provide ventilation
  • Lowers curtains in cold weather
  • Strategically blocks rain and strong winds by sensing which direction it is blowing and lowering curtains only on that side

Just think of how long it takes to raise or lower your curtains once and you’ll already see the value of automating them. With this technology, you can trust that your ag buildings are always regulated to the optimal temperature, all without the hassle.

Agrimesh AI technology

By utilizing Agrimesh technology in your agricultural buildings, you’ll have 24/7 peace of mind. Much like Environ-Tech, Agrimesh can connect to just about any electrical component throughout various buildings. What makes this technology so integral for farmers is its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Agrimesh uses AI technology to analyze data it gathers about current conditions, energy output and your entire system overall. It then uses that data to make smart decisions about which components to turn on and off at any given time.

That means that your livestock, indoor growing systems and more will be properly cared for within perfectly climate-controlled buildings, all while being as efficient as possible.

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about an outage due to a lost internet connection! Agrimesh uses radio wave frequencies to operate, rather than WiFi, you will still retain full barn control even if you lose internet connection.

Custom automation integration

Already have automation technology installed in your ag buildings? Fox Structures can work with what you already have to integrate automatic curtains and more into your building. Our expert ag construction team can also create completely custom features and automation technology to meet your unique needs.

Innovative ag construction you can trust

When you work with Fox Structures, you get much more than a basic barn builder. Our team of ag construction experts know the essentials you need to run a successful farm. Integrating the latest farming technology into your buildings is just one of the many advantages you’ll get when working with Fox Structures.

Working with Fox Structures to create your ag buildings means you will get incredible service at a competitive price. What are the other benefits of working with Fox Structures?

Experts in agriculture

Our ag construction team is experienced in designing and constructing successful agricultural buildings for a variety of farming operations. We understand the needs of today’s farmers and bring you the innovative construction techniques and farming technology you need.

High-quality agricultural buildings

Your farm structures will have to hold up against rain, sleet, snow and other harsh Wisconsin weather conditions. Not to mention the large machines, livestock and general wear-and-tear than can damage your ag buildings. Fox Structures uses only the highest quality steel, lumber and additional construction materials to ensure your ag buildings stand the test of time.

Built on your timeline

Need a new structure on your farm asap? Fox Structures has your back! Our team works efficiently to construct ag buildings within your schedule.

In fact, we have a strong track record of meeting tight deadlines, like the storage shed our team constructed for See Farms in just 20 days. Read the full story here.

Built around your farm

Shutting down any aspect of your farming operation can slow you down and put a strain on your resources. With Fox Structures, you won’t have to. No matter what ag building services you need, our expert team will work around your operation to ensure no time is wasted.

Custom ag building capabilities

Are you in need of an agricultural building with unique features, capabilities, and/or farming technology? Our agricultural experts are ready to help you design the perfect structure for your farm. Just tell us what you need and we’ll handle the rest.

Ready to automate your agricultural buildings?

You can’t afford to waste time completing busy work on your farm. Cut waste out of your farming operation from the ground up with Fox Structures. Our innovative construction services use the latest farming technology you need to automate your agricultural buildings.

If you are ready to automate your farm buildings, contact Fox Structures for a consultation today!