As dairy farms tackle tough times, Fox Structures responds to industry need.

Fox Structures recently opened its own welding division, Fox Welding and Fabrication, Inc., to offer a variety of benefits to customers including accuracy, efficiency, cost savings and customization.

“We’ll be able to tackle weld projects within the shop while working on other aspects of the build onsite,” Fox Structures President Mark Mashlan shared. “This type of efficiency will save our customers time and money.”

Interior of Fox Structures welding shop

Fox Structures’ decision to expand into welding came initially as the result of numerous changes in recent years to the agricultural industry. “As dairy industry expansion has slowed, we realized the vast majority of existing freestall barns were built 15 or more years ago,” Mashlan added. “It’s time to repair and remodel those facilities for those farms to remain productive.” With the ability to quickly produce the metal goods required in many of these remodels, the weld shop provides great value to customers, saving them both time and money.

With over 30 years of welding experience, Fox Welding and Fabrication specializes in a large variety of farm equipment including custom gating, fencing, freestall systems, headlock and feed rail setups, head catches, gutter grating and designs for maternity pens, hoof trimming and more.

Fox Structures’ commercial and residential customers will also benefit from the weld shop. With in-house design and engineering capabilities, Fox Structures can handle any steel project. They design, engineer, and fabricate structural steel buildings, handrails, stairways, masonry headers and lintels, anchor plates, structural steel columns and headers, plus security gating, structural signage and lighting projects.

Delivery, installation and mobile weld service and repair are available regardless of project size or type. The new weld shop is located just down the street from Fox Structures, Inc. at 731 Eastline Road in Kaukauna. For more information about Fox Welding and Fabrication, visit our Welding page.