There’s no denying it. Construction is tough. You have to be willing to get your hands dirty but keep your attitude clean. Brave the weather but exercise caution to stay safe. At times, the work is too busy for breaks, and other times, the breaks outweigh the work. But as one of the nation’s most booming industries, it’s ripe with opportunity. And with the right team, it’s quite rewarding. If you’re thinking about a career in construction, consider our list of top reasons to put on a tool belt and thrive in building.

In construction, you get to …

  1. Build your community. Imagine the pride that comes with walking around town, pointing at some of the latest and coolest developments and saying, “I did that!” Not many other jobs result in work that can be seen and acknowledged on such a public level.
  2. Challenge both your body and mind. Some people sit in a cubicle all day and barely get in steps to the bathroom and back. Some move their body all day without the need to think twice about their actions. Most construction jobs strike a perfect balance of exercising both your body and mind.
  3. Acquire useful life skills. There’s a little bit of everything to learn on a job site. From math and geometry to design, customer service and carpentry, the skills you gain from work are handy at home and in life.
  4. You get to climb the ladder. Yes, you get to climb a lot of actual ladders—big, tall ladders that’ll challenge your tolerance for heights. But you’ll also get a lot of opportunity to climb the corporate ladder. And that’s one with a pretty sweet view.
  5. Learn from a mentor and work with a team. No matter where you start out, there’s usually plenty to learn. And with a diverse team on each job, there’s always someone to learn from. Some of Fox structures’ employees have been with us since the beginning. That’s almost 40 years!
  6. Experience the satisfaction of follow-through. There’s nothing more gratifying than being a part of a project that starts as a hole in the ground and results in a beautiful new building that someone—or something—calls home.
  7. Use cool tools, technology and machinery. It’s fun to use tools at work that you either could never afford or have a reason to buy yourself. And with developing technology, the tools and machinery just keep getting better—and more useful! Did we mention you get to smash things too? At Fox Structures, you can benefit from all these things and more. We offer an excellent benefits package, paid time off, competitive pay and local work. That means you won’t travel far and can be home for dinner every night. And most importantly, at Fox Structures, “We tell it like it is and build it like we should.” Our no-nonsense approach encourages a culture of open honesty with both employees and customers, plus guides us through our most efficient work.

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