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Mini Storage

Design and build your mini storage building with strategic tactics to maximize unit space and top-quality materials built to last.
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Start Your Mini Storage Business

Looking to start a storage unit business in Northeast Wisconsin? Fox Structures is your local storage construction partner! With in-house designers and commercial construction experts, we will help create a mini storage facility that maximizes your space and generates the most return on your investment.

Whether you’re just starting your mini storage business and need a brand-new storage building, or you’ve already got a building you need to remodel or add on to, our team is here to help from start to finish. We’ll make every stage as simple and efficient as possible with unlimited customization options along the way.

With top-quality building materials, space-saving construction techniques and a wide range of customization options, it’s no surprise that countless business owners throughout Wisconsin have chosen Fox Structures as their expert storage facility construction partner.

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Frequently Asked Mini Storage Questions

How does a storage unit business work?

Self-storage businesses are becoming more and more popular in Wisconsin and throughout the nation. That’s because they require minimal upkeep and can provide a great return on investment if you follow the proper steps and invest in high-quality building materials like those offered at Fox Structures.

Once you have a storage unit facility built or purchased, you can rent out the units as a landlord would rent apartment space. Because personal storage is in such high demand, this can be a great business opportunity.

How much does it cost to construct a mini storage facility?

The cost of constructing a mini storage business space varies greatly depending on your specific project specifications, timeline and more. Here at Fox Structures, we offer premier storage building services that take your unique vision and needs into account, as well as the use of high-quality materials that last, even in harsh Wisconsin weather conditions.

To get an accurate estimate of your mini storage building costs, contact us today or give us a call at 920-766-9305.

What do mini storage buildings include?

Typically, mini storage facilities try to optimize the space and fit as many storage units as possible within the building. Some mini storage warehouses include front desks, and many include security cameras both inside and outside of the building to ensure renters are safe and abiding by the rules of their contract.

Fox Structures can help design and construct your custom mini storage facility to your exact needs and specifications, including climate control storage units and more.

What is a good size for a mini storage facility?

There really is no minimum or maximum size you’ll need to adhere to in order to build a profitable storage facility. Many storage business owners start out with a few structures that include around 10-15 units and expand their business once they have renters for each of their existing units.

No matter how large or small your mini storage needs are, Fox Structures can help construct your facility and get you started with a top-quality building that will last for decades.

Can Fox Structures complete the concrete work for my mini storage facility?
Yes! Fox Structures provides full-service mini storage construction, including concrete work. Thanks to our merger with R&R Concrete, our team can now complete large-scale commercial concrete projects faster and more precisely than ever.

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