Running out of space? Investing in a custom storage building can be one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize whatever space you’ve got.

If you’re looking to invest in storage building construction, don’t wait. The Fox Structures team has seen the demand for storage growing rapidly throughout the last few years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Read on to learn more about the many types of storage available for residential, commercial and agricultural spaces and learn why storage buildings are in such high demand.

Types of Storage Buildings

Whether you need extra room for your home, business, farm or other space, there’s a storage solution that fits your needs.

Storage sheds

Able to house anything from lawncare supplies to a farm’s worth of hay, storage sheds can range in size and offer a flexible storage solution that can serve many purposes.

Learn how Fox Structures helped farm owner Duane See get his farm operational again after a structure fire with this storage shed rebuild.

Climate-controlled storage

This storage option is best suited to house materials that need to be sheltered from the elements and/or kept at very specific temperatures.

Climate-controlled storage is also a growing trend for those that rent out storage units.


Though most people think of garages as part of a residential property, storage garages can work in many different capacities.

Farmers and business owners can also use commercial garages to store tractors, trucks, vehicles and other large equipment.

Storage warehouses

This commercial storage option typically features a basic, oversized warehouse building that allows for the storage of products, equipment and other valuable assets that need to be stored in particular conditions.

5 Reasons Storage Buildings Are in High Demand

1. Rising housing costs

Housing is becoming increasingly expensive, both for homeowners and renters.

Rather than simply finding a costlier place to live with more space, many individuals and families are opting for more cost-effective storage solutions.

2. City living

Rent is getting higher while apartments get smaller. For those living in big cities, space is a luxury many can’t afford.

Investing in self-storage solutions is often far more cost-effective than shelling out hundreds of extra dollars each month for a few more square feet of floor space.

3. Downsizing

Downsizing is a popular option for retirees and individuals looking to cut down on housing costs without moving to an entirely different city or state.

Of course, many individuals want the financial benefits of downsizing, without sacrificing too many of their personal belongings. Adding a storage shed or other storage building to their property is a cost-effective way to gain more storage space.

4. Monetization opportunities

With so many people in search of self-storage options, it’s no surprise that storage unit renters are in high demand.

Many entrepreneurs are investing in commercial storage construction and renting out storage units, bringing in regular income for minimal maintenance and upkeep.

5. Business expansion

As businesses grow, they often need more space to store products, equipment and more. Rather than paying for a brand-new building, commercial storage provides business owners with an effective solution at a more reasonable price.

Learn how Fox Structures helped Kurt at Westside Fondy Storage expand his business with this commercial storage construction project.

Custom Storage Construction in Northeast Wisconsin

Storage buildings are rising in popularity as a cost-effective way to increase storage space without breaking the bank. Whether you need extra space for your apartment, home, business or farm, Fox Structures is here to help.

Ready to get started on your storage building? Contact us today.