When searching for an agricultural contractor for your farm, it’s important to think long-term. The work on a farm is never done, and you’ll need a contractor you can rely on to help maintain your buildings and expand your farm as your business continues to grow.

Here at Fox Structures, we’re no strangers to ongoing partnerships with our agricultural customers. Our team has built decades-long relationships with farmers throughout Wisconsin, like our ongoing work with Vir-Clar Farm, a family-owned dairy farm in Fond du Lac.

We recently talked with JR, Vir-Clar Farm’s current owner, who was just ten years old when Fox Structures first began construction on the farm! JR shared how the buildings have performed and how Fox Structures has continued to help upkeep and expand the family farm for nearly three decades.

Vir Clar Farms Building

Vir-Clar Farm’s Expansion

Fox Structures has worked with Vir-Clar Farm as they have continued to expand throughout the years. From new barns to minor repairs, we’ve been there to help Vir-Clar Farm maintain and grow their operation.

Freestyle barn and parlor

Fox Structures first began working with Vir-Clar Farm in the late 90s, with the construction of a freestyle barn and parlor. This took their dairy farm from 50 cows to 300 and paved the way for their continued growth.

Over the years, Fox Structures continued to add on to the original barn, as well as help maintain and repair the building as necessary.

Ongoing maintenance and repairs

“Dairy barns go through a lot, from small knicks and dings to more serious damage,” JR explained. “We’ve had Fox Structures back a few times to make repairs and keep everything well maintained.”

Additional barn buildings

Vir-Clar Farm’s second barn build came in 2004 and their third in 2015, both constructed by Fox Structures, as well as the construction of multiple heifer buildings.

Barn retrofitting

Most recently, Vir-Clar Farm retrofitted an existing building into a show barn, with Fox Structures leading the redesign and the conversion into a beautiful, high-quality structure for shows.

Following up with JR from Vir-Clar Farm

We followed up with JR to see how the barn buildings have been holding up, and about his satisfaction with the ongoing service Fox Structures has provided. Here’s what he had to say:

“I was only ten years old when Fox Structures first started to work for the farm. I still remember the guys that came out and how fair they have always been to us. They’re always a joy to work with.” – JR

When asked if he would recommend Fox Structures to other ag owners in the area, JR said, “absolutely. They are constantly looking at our buildings and addressing anything they think is a problem. It’s been great to have their expertise on our side.”

Barns and Partnerships Built to Last

At Fox Structures, we don’t just construct ag buildings—we partner with farms to design, maintain, update, repair and remodel quality barns and ag buildings that stand the test of time.

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