Even the highest quality metal barns and ag buildings will need small repairs to maintain their condition over the years. But what happens when your buildings are so outdated they no longer fit your operation? Turn to the ag construction experts at Fox Structures!

We’ve helped countless ag clients throughout Northeast Wisconsin redesign, restructure and renovate their barns, silos and various other farm buildings.

Not sure whether your farm structures are actually in need of a renovation? We’re breaking down everything you need to know, including 5 clear signs it’s time to renovate your ag buildings, to make your farm maintenance a success.

Ag building renovation 101

What exactly is a barn renovation? A barn or ag building renovation is typically a large-scale project that updates or modifies an existing structure or building on your farm.

Barn renovation vs. barn repair

While every ag project is unique, renovations typically tend to be much larger and more complex projects than barn repairs.

Usually, barn repairs only address one or two concerns in an ag building, like faulty electrical wiring or a leaking roof. Barn renovations, on the other hand, can encompass design and layout changes, interior and exterior reconfigurations and additions to the entire structure.

What kinds of barn renovations can you make to update your farm operation? The possibilities are endless.

The ag construction team at Fox Structures has worked on a wide variety of barn renovation projects. Some of the most popular ag building renovations include:

  • Barn additions
  • Layout changes
  • Interior reconfiguration
  • Siding updates
  • Installation of new farm technology
  • And more.

How do you know when to renovate ag buildings?

Get the most out of your barn and ag buildings by maintaining and renovating them as changes are needed. Otherwise, you could be stuck with outdated buildings and losing out on potential revenue for years to come.

Signs it’s time to renovate your barn and other ag buildings:

An old worn down barn with weathered roof and paint

1. Your barn has been out of use for multiple years.

Whether you just purchased farm property with an old barn structure or you have an old barn sitting around on your property, it’s likely not in the best shape.

Most older, unmaintained barns have rotting wood, rodent infestations and other barriers that will keep you from being able to use your building.

A complete barn renovation can help you restore your old barn to its former glory and get the most out of each building on your farm.

Termite damage in wood

2. Your barn has mold, termites or other infestation.

Once an infestation has taken over your barn or other ag building, there isn’t much to be done but to remove and replace the affected area(s).

If you notice mold, signs of termites, extreme water damage or other kinds of major building issues or infestation, it’s time to renovate.

A cluttered wood working shop in a barn

3. Your barn isn’t big enough.

You can’t do business and keep your farm operational with a barn that’s too small. If you’ve outgrown your space but still love the overall design, a barn renovation is the perfect solution.

This way, you can add more space to your barn without having to invest in an entirely new building.

weathered and rusty electrical box

4. Your barn has outdated technology.

Environ-Tech, Agrimesh AI and various other farming technologies are essential to automate your farming operations and keep up with the competition. If your barn isn’t outfitted with the latest technology, it’s likely time for an upgrade.

Since most high-tech farming equipment needs to be fully integrated within your barn, they can be difficult to add to existing buildings without expert help. Our ag team has helped prep barns for seamless installation and integration of various farm technologies.

Dairy farmer in lab coat and hair net interacting with cows

5. Your barn no longer works for you.

Even the most beautiful barn is completely useless if it doesn’t work for you. If your barn’s layout, construction or overall design simply doesn’t fit your current farm operation, a barn renovation can help bring value back to your barn.

Whether you need some interior walls taken down and reconstructed elsewhere, a different layout for animal stalls or something else entirely, our team can help design and construct your ideal barn.

Expert ag building renovation in Northeast Wisconsin Don’t let your ag buildings wither away or sit empty. The expert ag construction team at Fox Structures is here to get your barn and ag buildings in top shape with custom barn renovations, constructed with your unique farm and operation in mind.

Ready to renovate your barn? Contact us for a consultation today!